*Special Annual Event*


Friday, May 16 to Sunday, May 18, 2014




$1,500.00 + trophy

+ Circuit points

Jorian Engelbrektsson



2nd Place

$800.00 + trophy

+ Circuit points

Jason Werdrick [IL]


3rd Place

$600.00 + trophy

+ Circuit points

Donavan Stepp [CO]

4th Place

$400.00 + trophy

+ Circuit points

Robert Gagno [Canada]

(camera shy)

Wild Card spot in IFPA-11 World Pinball Championships - Nick Zendejas [CO]


Detailed Event Information - Final (from Adam's email of 5/12/14 - everyone participating should read)

  • For more information, please contact Adam Lefkoff (tourney organizer).

  • Over 100 players already registered and is nearly full.  If you would still like to try and register, please contact Adam.


  • Format:

    • PAPA Tournament Circuit Event.

    • Features a 9+ hole Pingolf qualifier on Friday, May 16, which leads to a 64-player double-elimination tournament on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18.

    • The highest finisher at the Spring Classic who was not already eligible to play in IFPA-11 will win a spot into the World Championships the following weekend at the Game Exchange!

  • Registration: Cost is $40.00, plus cost of games (prices are shown on the games list linked below).

  • Schedule...

    • Friday, May 16: LCP opens at 11:00am and Pingolf will start at Noon sharp.

      (LCP will be open to the public from 3-11pm)

      • 9+ hole Pingolf qualifier.

      • You may select up to three preferred "tee times" for Friday, but you may be assigned any tee time from 12:00pm to 8:00pm on that day, depending on demand and order of registration.

    • Saturday, May 17: LCP opens at 9:30am and Round 1 will start promptly at 10:00am.

      (LCP will be CLOSED to the general public; tourney guests welcome)

    • Sunday, May 18: LCP opens at 8:30am.

      (LCP will be CLOSED to the general public; tourney guests welcome)

      • As part of IFPA's World Championship Week, the first IFPA US National Championship will also be held at LCP on this date.

        • IFPA SCS Round 1 will start at 9:00am.

      • The first round of the Spring Classic matches will start at 10:00am.

  • Other Information:

    • Pinball Games:

      • LCP public gameroom: Games change frequently, so check the list for up-to-date information.

      • Special tourney games: 15-20 additional games (subject to change) will be set up in the basement of LCP for this tournament.

      • Baby Pac-Man, Hercules and Joust will not be used in the tournament.

    • Lyons Chamber of Commerce: Follow the link for local information (where to stay, eat, etc.)  Please note that due to the devastating floods in the Lyons area last September, the availability of nearby lodging options will be limited.  Book your reservation early!


      • Parking Update - Two-hour parking limit signs (weekends) are posted on Main Street. Town Hall confirmed these limits won't go into effect/be enforced until Memorial Day; however, parking off Main Street is recommended so that short-term parking is available for customers of other local businesses. See Lyons map below for long-term parking options.

      • Restrooms - LCP only has one.  Refer to map for restrooms within walking distance of the shop.

        Lyons Map

      • Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park - Lyons is known as the "Double Gateway to the Rockies" for two routes (US 36 and State Highway 7) to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  If you're planning to travel from Lyons, please note that US 36 is under major construction due to road damage from last September's flood.  You're advised to use State Highway 7 as an alternate route or you may experience a long delay (depending on time of day, up to an hour) and not be able to turn around.