Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 8:00pm

Day before Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown

$10 registration

Double elimination

1st and 2nd places - Cash (80/20% split)

3rd and 4th places - Prizes


LAST YEAR'S EVENT - Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 8:00pm







$320.00 + trophy +

WPPR points

Keith Elwin

Winner of Winner's Bracket


Fred R. vs. Keith E.

Game Played:

Banzai Run

Winner:  Keith E.

2nd Place

$80.00 + trophy +

WPPR points

Fred Richardson

Winner of Loser's Bracket

3rd Place

Trophy + LCP hat +

WPPR points

Trent Augenstein


Fred R. vs. Trent A.

Game Played:

South Park

Winner:  Fred R.

(advanced to Finals)

4th Place

Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown gear +

WPPR points

Tracy Scheuering


Thank you to the following tourney prize sponsor:

> Fourth place - Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown


Fred R. vs. Tracy S.

Game Played:

Medieval Madness

Winner:  Fred R.

(advanced to Semi-Finals)


Click Here for Flyer (PDF)


This event is LCP's higher-stakes tourney which is held annually the Thursday before Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown.  This was the fifth year and included the following enhancements:

  • The event now has an "official" name (thanks to Adam L.):  Lyons Pinball Spring Classic (aka Lyons Pinball Classic).

  • Based on the number of entries, the cash prize will be split 80/20% between first and second place winners.

  • Trophies will be awarded for first, second and third places.

  • The tourney is now endorsed by the IFPA under an "annual event" classification.



  • Entry fee:  $10.00 plus cost of games played.

  • Format:  Double elimination.

  • Rules:  The same rules as the LCP monthly tournament will apply (except there will be no wildcards).

  • Games: 

    • All pinball games (except for Hercules, Joust and Spooksville) are open to the tournament.

    • Games played in each match are drawn randomly from a hat.

    • A game may only be played once during the tourney.  If a particular game is drawn again, the player must draw another game.

  • Prizes:

    • First place - 80% cash prize + trophy

    • Second place - 20% cash prize + trophy

    • Third place - Trophy + LCP hat

    • Fourth place - Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown hat + tee