October 18, 2007




$125.00 /

WPPR points

Fred Richardson (right)

2nd Place

Oskar Blues gift pack /

WPPR points

Donavan Stepp (left)

3rd Place

$10.00 quarter roll /

WPPR points

Ken Lewis (right)

4th Place

WPPR points

Adam Lefkoff (left)




Fred R. vs. Ken L.

Semi-Finals Winner: Fred

Game Played:  Pinball Magic


Donavan S. vs. Adam L.

Semi-Finals Winner: Donavan

Games Played:

Attack from Mars


Devil Riders



1st and 2nd Place

Fred R. vs. Donavan S.

Champion: Fred Richardson

2nd Place: Donavan Stepp

Game Played:  Black Hole


3rd and 4th Place

Ken L. vs. Adam L.

3rd Place: Ken Lewis

4th Place: Adam Lefkoff

Game Played:  Jumping Jack


*All pictures courtesy of Dave Mercer/For Amusement Only


Games Played in the Tournament...

 1966 Central Park  1992 Creature from Black Lagoon
 1970 Four Million BC  1993 Twilight Zone
 1973 Jumping Jack  1993 Whitewater
 1975 Wizard!  1993 Star Trek: Next Generation
 1975 El Dorado  1995 Theatre of Magic
 1980 Black Knight  1995 Attack from Mars
 1981 Black Hole  1995 Jack*Bot
 1982 Eight Ball Deluxe Ltd. Edition  1995 Pinball Magic
 1984 Devil Riders  1999 South Park
 1988 Banzai Run  1999 Star Wars: Episode I
 1988 Cyclone  2003 The Simpson's Pinball Party
 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day  2006 Pirates of the Caribbean
 1992 The Getaway: High Speed II  2007 Spider-Man


Thanks to our second prize tournament sponsor:

Oskar Blues


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