June 21, 2007




$160.00 /

WPPR points

Kevin Ryan (left)

2nd Place

Oskar Blues gift pack /

WPPR points

Donavan Stepp (right)

3rd Place

$10.00 quarter roll /

WPPR points

David Lin (right)

4th Place

WPPR points

Fejj Knar (left)






1st and 2nd Place


3rd and 4th Place

Fejj K. vs.  Donavan S.

Games Played:

Pinball Magic

Revenge from Mars

Winner: Donavan

Kevin R.  vs.  Donavan S.

Game Played:

Devil Riders

1st: Kevin Ryan

2nd: Donavan Stepp

David L.  vs.  Fejj K.

Game Played:

Black Hole

3rd: David Lin

4th: Fejj Knar

David L. vs. Kevin R.

Games Played:

The Addams Family


Winner: Kevin



The Novak's

(Morgan, Tony, Amber)


Kevin and David

on Cyclone


on Space Time

Bob and Escher (age 4)

on Attack from Mars

Bob and Escher

on AFM

Final score on AFM -

Escher wins!

Escher (LCP's youngest tourney player to date)

chats about his AFM win

Escher gets a quick lesson from dad

on Space Time before facing DNO (#12 ranked player in the world)

Escher vs Donavan on Space Time

(Great effort by Escher but

Donavan wins... Mean DNO!)


Games Played in the Tournament...

 1966 Central Park  1992 The Getaway: High Speed II
 1972 Space Time  1992 The Addams Family
 1975 El Dorado  1992 Creature from Black Lagoon
 1975 Wizard!  1993 Whitewater
 1976 Surfer  1993 Star Trek: Next Generation
 1978 KISS  1993 Twilight Zone
 1980 Space Invaders  1995 Theatre of Magic
 1980 Black Knight  1995 Attack from Mars
 1981 Black Hole  1995 Pinball Magic
 1982 Eight Ball Deluxe Ltd. Edition  1997 Medieval Madness
 1984 Devil Riders  1999 South Park
 1988 Banzai Run  1999 Revenge from Mars
 1988 Cyclone  1999 Star Wars: Episode I
 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day  2003 The Simpson's Pinball Party

 2006 Pirates of the Caribbean



Thank you to our tournament sponsor!

Oskar Blues (second prize) - Dale's Pale Ale six pack, tee and schwag


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