October 19, 2005





Donavan Stepp



2nd Place:

Ray Mueller


Oskar Blues Gift Pack

3rd Place:

Mateo Leyba


$10 gift certificate

Smoke Shack BBQ




Division One: Donavan Stepp vs. Jeff Rank

          (Game: Twilight Zone) --> Winner: Donavan Stepp


Division Two: Ray Mueller vs. Mateo Leyba

          (Game: The Flintstones) --> Winner: Ray Mueller




Donavan Stepp vs. Ray Mueller

    (Game: Surfer) --> Winner: Donavan Stepp




 Donavan Stepp





 Ray Mueller




Thank you to our tournament sponsors:

Oskar Blues (second prize) - OB goodies, gift certificate and 6-pack of Dales Pale Ale

Smoke Shack BBQ (third prize) - $10.00 gift certificate