March 16, 2005



    Division One - Adam Lefkoff (ABL) vs. Jim Young

           (Games: Theatre of Magic and Banzai Run) --> Winner: Jim Young


Jim - Theatre


Adam - Banzai Run


   Division Two - Mateo Leyba (BNZ) vs. Kevin Ryan (KEV)

           (Games: Kismet and Elvira and the Party Monster) --> Winner: Kevin Ryan


Mateo - Kismet


Kevin - Kismet


Mateo - Elvira



    Jim Young vs. Kevin Ryan (KEV)

           (Game: Attack from Mars)


       Champion: Kevin Ryan

        Second Place:  Jim Young




 Attack from




 Jim Y.




 Kevin R. (left)


 2nd PLACE

 Jim Y. (right)


As always, thank you to Kevin Ryan for helping to run the tournament and to Dale Katechis of Oskar Blues for sponsoring

second prize gift packs (*Gift certificate, Oskar Blues schwag and 6-pack of Old Chub micro-brew beer).